The Captain
Vital statistics
Position Doorman
Born Unknown
A.K.A. Captain
Spouse Unknown

Gavin 'The Captin' Gladstone was an elderly employee at the Phoenix Club. His main duty was collecting the money at the door during the events.

During his earlier life, the Captain fought in the First World War and on D-Day, he was shot by the enemy whilst on the Somme. This shot caused his left eye to fly out of its socket. After the event, the Captain wore an eye patch. This is probably the cause of his nickname.

Due to a malfunction of Ray Von's smoke machine, the Captain died of an asthma attack in the cabaret suite of the club. When confirmed dead, Brian Potter realised that it could be deemed as murder and so instructed the other staff members to move him to the Pennine Suite where it would be classified as "natural causes".

His funeral was held not long afterwards and the story of D-Day was told. It was revealed that the Captain had lived to the age of seventy nine.