Talent Trek was an annual Bolton-wide talent show that sought out the most talented. It was fairly well-known and was generally held in local working men's clubs.

Known Talent Trek events Edit

  • At some point during the late 80s or early 90s, Tracy Burns won Talent Trek with her hula hoop routine.
  • Talent Trek 1999 was held at the Neptune Club and was hosted by Jerry St. Clair. The judge was Paul Le Roy. The winning act was Park Avenue, a semi-famous duo made up of husband and wife.
  • Talent Trek 2001 was held at the Phoenix Club and was once again hosted by Jerry St. Clair. The event itself was supposed to be held at the Banana Grove but due to sly tactics, the event was moved to the Phoenix Club. As revenge, the Banana Grove's owner committed arson, burning down the club. The event was won by a ventriloquist.