Robot Wars

Robot Wars

The Robot Wars Tournament was an event at the Phoenix Club hosted by Ray Von and one of two events taking place that night, the other been the 'Funny Farm' alternative comedy night. 


Before the night's event, Ray Von had made a deal with Max and Paddy that he would build a robot for them to use in the competition, due to him been the club's handyman and electrician. In return, the trio would split the event's winnings of £63 between them. Max and Paddy named their robot "Ass Kicker" and even referred to it as a 'she' when talking about it or showing it to others.

Max and Paddy with 'Ass Kicker'

Max and Paddy with 'Ass Kicker'

At the event (hosted in the club's Pennine Suite) several teams had turned up, although Ray Von had incorrectly told Brian there would be as many as 30 teams. All the other teams were using small and basic robots to fight in the competition - such as Death By Chocolate, which was built around a Celebrations chocolate tin. As such, Max and Paddy's robot easily outsized and outmatched the other competitors, with the robot's axe easily causing damage to the other competitors and even immobilising their robots with several hits.

At some point during their matches, the axe stopped working - with the pair eventually resorting to all-out cheating to win by entering the arena before manually using the axe to hit the opponent's robots as well as stamping on them; much to the frustration of the other teams as Ray Von did nothing to stop them.

After the tournament when the trio were dividing the winnings, Ray only gave Max and Paddy £20 between them - reasoning that he deserved the majority of the share as he was the one who built the robot. Max and Paddy, however, refused to accept this and threatened to beat him up if he didn't give them the rest of their share.


  • (Team Name Unknown) - Brown Bread
  • Team Voodoo - Death By Chocolate
  • Team Chaos - The Cleaner
  • Team Double Trouble - Ass Kicker (Winners)

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