The officer pulls Brian and Jerry up for speeding.

Whilst stapling posters to trees, this police officer warned Young Kenny to take them down. Kenny did so and returned them to the club.


Brian fakes a heart attack.

After a last minute warning by Keith Lard of a fire inspection of his club, Brian Potter forced his friend and colleague Jerry to speed. They were caught and pulled over by the same officer. Upon being pulled over, the Police Officer was duped into believing that Brian, who Jerry claimed to be his dad, was having a heart attack. The officer decided to give them the benefit of the doubt and escort them to the hospital, allowing them to break the speed limit.

Brian then forced Jerry to give him slip and they drove away from him. Unfortunately for them, the officer was able to track them down and found them at the club. Unfooled by Brian's second attempt at a heart attack, he delivered them a speeding fine and made them aware of the points added to Jerry's licence.