Paul Le Roy
Vital statistics
Position n/a
Born 1950s/60s
A.K.A. Paul Leroy
Spouse Married
Paul Le Roy, or Paul LeRoy, was a semi-famous local DJ of the radio station Chorley FM. Le Roy is a lover of the 80s as his outfit, mullet and music choices suggest.

Le Roy is probably the person who coined Chorley FM's catchphrase "Coming in your ears".

Career Edit

Before entering (or attempting to enter) the radio business, Le Roy worked as an entertainer at Pontins during the 80s. In 1982, Le Roy drove home from Pontins with a fractured femur, which he acquired from limbo dancing.

Before becoming a household name, Le Roy desperately sought out an audience and could be found in car parks DJing. He also performed at events.

He later become a leading name at Chorley FM and was usually the representative sent to judge Talent Trek, a huge annual talent event in the Bolton area.

Le Roy is always followed by his long-suffering wife Sandra, who he tends to make carry all of his heavy equipment.

Behind the Scenes Edit

Le Roy first appeared in "The Services", the pilot episode of That Peter Kay Thing, where he was seen DJing in the empty car park of a motorway service station. He later appeared in the first episode of Phoenix Nights where he voiced over the opening radio speech and then in a later episode as the judge of Talent Trek. It is possible that Le Roy was the radio host that speaks on Chorley FM at the beginning of Peter Kay's Live at the Bolton Albert Halls, in which we hear a alternate catchphrase "Coming in ethnic ears".