Michelle Coffee
Vital statistics
Position n/a
Born Unknown
A.K.A. Coffee
Spouse Divorced

Michelle Coffee was singer who performed in numerous Talent Treks. Coffee was once part of a duo, Coffee and Cream, which ended after Cream ran off with her husband. She later returned as a single act.

Talent Trek '99 Edit

During Talent Trek '99, Michelle Coffee was part of the double act "Coffee and Cream". Just before going on stage, it was revealed that her former-partner Cream had run off with her husband, leaving her performing alone. Coffee had forgotten to pick another song and ended up singing Don't Go Breaking My Heart, a song meant to be sung by two people. Embarrassed and upset, Coffee continued until the end of the song.

Talent Trek 2001 Edit

Coffee returned to Talent Trek as a single act but did not win.