Les Campbell
Vital statistics
Position Drummer
Born Unknown
A.K.A. Leslie
Spouse n/a

Les Campbell was the drummer in the band Les Alanos. The band played the backing music for most of the events held at the Phoenix Club.

Les and Frank Edit

His first known group was with Alan's dad, Frank. The duo separated when Frank decided to try his hand at a tribute band, Right Said Frank.

Les Alanos Edit

Les later paired up with Frank's son Alan, who was a talented keyboard player. The two of them formed the band Les Alanos, named after the combination of "Les", "Alan" and "us". They were hired by the Brian Potter to play during many events at the Phoenix Club.

Life beyond Les Alanos Edit

Les didn't tie himself to just the band. He tried his hand at amateur dramatics. One such performance was a take on the Karate Kid, in which he played a lead role.

Personality Edit

Les was a lively but sometimes skeptical character. He was unsuccessful with the ladies and lacked basic wooing techniques. This is seen during the Singles Night, where he failed to get himself a date.