The Kamikaze Giveaway in Calais

Kamikaze Lager is a non-alcoholic beer from Japan. Brian stumbles across a pair of Japanese business people who are trying to promote the lager with a year's supply giveaway. Brian allows them to promote their lager in his club during their Quiz Night.

Quiz Night Edit

Brian plants a team in the Kamikaze Lager Quiz Night but he seemingly loses, allowing Den Perry's team to come close second. While Perry revels in Potter's plan having failed, Potter reveals that the winners were his actual plants and Perry accuses him of giving them the answers. Potter does not elaborate on this matter.

Shortly after the quiz, Jerry enters the quiz room overdosed on drugs and falls onto the floor, urinating everywhere. Perry claims that he doesn't want the beer if that's what it does to the drinkers, to which the Japanese representatives reveal that it is non-alcoholic. This becomes another thing for Perry to revel in.