Holy Mary
Vital statistics
Position Bar Staff
Born Unknown
A.K.A. Holy Mary
Spouse n/a

Holy Mary was a cleaner and bartender at the Phoenix Club. She also worked as a cashier at the Golden Phoenix.

She is a devot Christian and would express her faith in numerous ways, such as putting up signs that say "CH--CH WHAT'S MISSING? UR" and by hanging up crucifixes around the club. She also named her children after Biblical characters.

Whenever Brian was feeling down, Mary was always the one to cheer him up by telling him that God loves him. Although she is one of the quieter members of staff, she regularly spoke to Marion, Joyce and Ant and Dec.

Other roles in the Phoenix Club Edit

During the Stars in Your Eyes night at the club, Mary played the part of Lulu. Were it not for her contribution, and the contribution of other staff members, the evening would have been cancelled.

Family Edit

Holy Mary had two children, her eldest child was called Joseph and her youngest was Mary. Joseph was doing a BTEC in Joinery at a local college.

List of QuotesEdit

  • They aren't doing any harm
  • God Loves you, Brian
  • No No No