Clinton delivers a message to John and his wife.

Clinton Baptiste was a failed medium. Recommended by Den Perry, Jerry decided to book Baptiste for a psychic evening at the Phoenix Club.

It wasn't long before Baptiste was causing controversy with his harsh and somewhat blunt messages from beyond the grave. Some messages included people's potency, sexuality and even claiming someone to have a terminal illness.

Baptiste also confronted an audience member by the name of John, claiming he had a message for his partner, adding that he should tell her "before someone gets hurt". This caused a rift between the John and his wife with her believing that something was going on.

His act was brought to an abrupt end when he approached a heavy-set man, calling him "a nonce" to his face. The man then beat Baptiste up. Despite the offense caused by Baptiste, he still requested payment from Brian. Brian didn't give him a penny and sent him on his way. Not before saying to Brian "you can walk!"