The Superstore team sell the Spray Maine.

Armchair Super Store was the shopping channel watched by the staff at the Phoenix Club. The telephone number for Armchair Super Store was 08081 570989.

Products Edit

  • Spray Maine - a spray-on hair product, bought by Paddy.
  • Divers Watch - a watch with a light that could work underwater and that measured your oxygen, bought by Max and Kenny Senior.
  • Phoenix Nights - Armchair Super Store

    Phoenix Nights - Armchair Super Store

    Piagra - a chewing gum that apparently had the same effect as viagra and that lasted up to six hours, bought by Paddy. The chewing gum came in three flavours: aniseed, spearmint and lindiment. Paddy said that the chewing gum had no effects upon trying it.
  • Tantasy - a tan aide from South America with the slogan "Tanning with Tantasy isn't a fantasy."
  • Invader 2000 - a car alarm system, which enabled the buyer to prerecord their own alarm. It was bought by Max for his own car.

Resident experts Edit

  • Baz Hastings - expert on Spray Maine, Piagra and the Tantasy.
  • John Lennon - expert on the Divers Watch and Invader 2000.